What Types of Claims Do Public Insurance Adjusters Handle?

Public insurance adjusters are legally authorized to act on behalf of the insured when property damage occurs. They can file and negotiate claims for damage from floods, fire, smoke, wind, hurricanes, and other hazards, as well as for loss of business revenue caused by property damage. These include real estate, both residential and commercial, personal and commercial property, transportation facilities such as cars, trucks, and planes, and other assets covered by first-party insurance policies. In Florida, for example, insurance claims adjusters must pass certain exams and have professional qualifications.

When you decide to hire a public adjuster, they will personally handle the claim, comparing the cost estimates with those of the insurance company's insurance claims adjusters. Public adjusters advocate for policyholders to ensure that they receive adequate compensation for their insurance claim. Business losses and homeowner claims caused by fire, water damage, frozen pipes, storm damage, vandalism, windstorms, and vehicle crashes are some examples of the types of claims a public adjuster processes. Your insurance company assigns an “independent appraiser” to property damage insurance claims to represent the insurer's interests.

It's almost never too late to get the help you need from public adjusters to get a proper settlement with your insurance company. Insurance companies hire their own insurance adjusters or independent insurance adjusters to represent their interests and minimize the claim as best they can. Residents can take and pass the Florida appraiser exam or pass a state-approved appraiser appointment course. A company appraiser will come once your claim has been submitted and will provide a quote to the insurance company they work for.

Public adjuster fees are usually more than offset by the higher amount of compensation the insurance company receives. At every step of the claims process, the public insurance adjuster fights for what's best for you. They are experienced in dealing with all types of claims and can help you get the most out of your policy. They understand how to navigate the complex legal system and can help you get a fair settlement from your insurer.

Public adjusters are also knowledgeable about state laws that may affect your claim and can help you understand your rights as a policyholder.