What Qualifications Do Public Insurance Adjusters Need?

Are you looking to become a public insurance adjuster? If so, you need to be aware of the qualifications and requirements for obtaining a license. In Florida, public adjusters must take 24 hours of continuing education courses specific to public appraisers in order to renew their license. Additionally, they must provide a number of materials when applying for a Florida public appraiser license. Furthermore, non-residents who apply for a public appraiser's license must be licensed and work as public appraisers continuously for the previous six months in their home state.

The 40-hour WebCE CACP certification course is approved by the Florida Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services and does not require the state exam to obtain a Florida multiline appraiser license in categories 6-20, 7-20, or 70-20. To be eligible for the Florida 6-20 appraiser license, you must be a resident of Florida, be at least 18 years old, and cannot hold an appraiser's license resident in another state. Once your payment has been processed, you will instantly receive the official documentation of your public adjuster bond in your email inbox. The Division of Services for Insurance Agents and Agencies (Licensing Office) enforces and administers two different types of public appraiser licenses. Reciprocal licensing allows insurance adjusters to receive appraiser licenses from other states without having to take that state's licensing exam or complete any educational requirements prior to licensing.

This means that insurance professionals from other states can apply for and receive an appraiser's license from the State of Residence Designated for Non-Residents (DHS) FL 70-20. The reciprocity agreement between the states that makes this possible is essential for any insurance appraiser who wants to be prepared to do business around the country. It is important to check the specifications of public appraisers before buying them as courses for independent appraisers don't meet EC state requirements for public appraisers. Additionally, you must take your fingerprints and pass a background check. Follow this guide to understand the registration requirements of the Florida Department of Financial Services and obtain your legal license before processing insurance claims.