How Long Does It Take for a Public Insurance Adjuster to Process a Claim?

In Florida, insurance companies have 90 days to notify you if they have accepted or denied your claim. If your insurance provider approves your claim, Florida Statutes state that it must pay you within 20 days of your decision. You will usually receive the first contact with the insurance adjuster within one to three days of submitting the claim. If an appraiser needs to review the damage, it can take a couple more days.

Using an insurance company-approved body shop can speed up the process. An unprocessed physical damage claim is expected to take one to two weeks to process. This includes coordinating with an auto body shop and scheduling repairs. If your car can be driven, you can drive it until the repair date.

As your claims representative, your Tutwiler public appraiser will create an accurate profile of your property so that it reflects its true value and fits the language of your insurance policy. An insurance adjuster is a professional who looks at insurance claims and determines how much the insurance company will pay. Many studies show that hiring a public appraiser to represent you in your insurance claim results in much higher claims settlements. You'll have Sentry Public Adjusting on your side to assess your property damage and represent you before your insurance company.

The hospital and doctor's office should coordinate directly with your car insurance personal injury claims adjuster. A thorough review of the documents is carried out with the customer and, with the final approval, the property insurance claim is submitted to the insurance company. In Florida, when a disaster is declared (for example, after a hurricane), public assessors' fees are limited to 10% under state law. In order for us to be your representative and file your claim, you must designate Tutwiler & Associates as your public appraiser.

When researching and planning the documentation and presentation of losses and damages, knowledge of recent court cases, decisions of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, articles and technical opinions from the industry, and other factors that may influence the purchase of a standard insurance policy is used to draw up a claims strategy. If your health insurer paid the claim first, it will usually file its own claim with the at-fault driver's car insurance company to request reimbursement. You see, insurance companies and the appraisers that work for them have great incentives not to pay the full value of a liability claim and not to do so quickly. When scheduling this meeting, the appraiser should ideally talk to your attorney.

However, sometimes the adjuster will try to bypass your lawyer and call you directly. Also known as claims adjusters, insurance adjusters often conduct a thorough investigation, which may include reading police reports, talking to witnesses, and evaluating damages first-hand. There may be a simple explanation for the lack of response, for example, that the appraiser was out of work or went on vacation, or that the demand letter was lost in a mess at the insurance company. When filing an insurance claim in Florida, it's important to understand how long it takes for an insurance adjuster to process it. Generally speaking, you can expect to receive contact from an adjuster within one to three days after submitting a claim.

If an appraiser needs to review any damage done, this could add another couple of days onto this timeline. If there is physical damage that needs repairing then this could take up to two weeks. It's also worth noting that using an approved body shop by your insurance company can help speed up this process significantly. Furthermore, hiring a public appraiser can result in much higher claims settlements than if you were to go through an insurance company alone. In Florida, when a disaster has been declared (such as after a hurricane), public assessors' fees are limited by law to 10%. This means that if you want Tutwiler & Associates to represent you in filing a claim then you must designate them as your public appraiser. When researching and planning out how best to document losses and damages incurred during an incident such as this, knowledge of recent court cases as well as decisions made by the Office of Insurance Commissioner are taken into account when drawing up a claims strategy. If health insurers have paid out on any claims first then they will usually file their own claim with the at-fault driver's car insurance company in order to be reimbursed. Finally, it's important to remember that insurance companies and their adjusters have incentives not to pay out on full liability claims quickly. When scheduling any meetings with an adjuster it's best practice for them to talk directly with your attorney rather than calling you directly.